Coming right out of the military you can find employment right away. It may not be the dream you hoped for and it may not be in the company you had hoped for but it is something that you can do until you can bridge into the job you want.
Many Vets who are unemployed are in their situation due to their inflexibility to take a temporary job while they are finishing qualifications or education on their way to getting the civilian occupation they are seeking.
There are many jobs that prefer to have Vets in their employ in a full or part time basis.
Listed below are few sites that can help a Vet bridge into great civilian careers.


USAJOBS is the portal for all government jobs. If you are looking to get a Federal Job then this is the website for you.



Troops to Teachers is a great site if you have a college degree and want to bridge from the military into teaching. Almost every state has an office.  They can let you know the requirements the classes you need to take to round out your degree and become a teacher.  Nation wide there is a high demand for math, science and special education.

if you are looking to leave the military and you are wanting to make some GREAT fast then KBR might be for you.
Here is the rub, you will end up right back overseas in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
You get paid quite well for your sacrifice of going back over there. 


Military.com_Logo.svg prides itself as being a one stop shop for a military members needs.  With that said the site is quite large and can be overwhelming if you are looking for something specific.  They do have a rather good search engine for job seekers. 

Hire Heroes USA empowers transitioning U.S. military members, veterans and their spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce through workshops, personalized career coaching and employment preparation counseling. Our services are provided at no cost to the transitioning military member, veteran or spouse.

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